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[25 Jan 2012|09:48pm]
I lost my kitty and am so so so so so unbearably sad.
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[09 May 2011|06:49pm]
I really fucking hate the theater business.
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[08 Nov 2010|03:20pm]
I think this might be a bender.
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[06 Oct 2010|10:30pm]
Oh LJ. I miss our little community.

I made the most amazing pasta tonight. Totally simple, completely tasty. It helps that my local grocery store is the yuppiest thing around and has the best homemade sausage.

Check it
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[16 Jan 2010|01:48am]
I just noticed a postcard on the refrigerator I had forgotten came from Leigh. Seeing her name there, the heart she drew beside it... I still miss her every second of the day and regret every moment I wasn't a better friend.
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[10 Nov 2009|03:08pm]
No job. Sigh.
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No Austin [06 Sep 2009|01:57am]
No Austin, no Minneapolis. Still don't know if I'm coming to LA. And we've been down/upgraded to airplanes and trains over buses. Lame!
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[26 Jun 2009|12:42am]
Dru-dru, you've got a lot of posting to do.
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Aren't you glad you graduated from college years ago? [18 Jun 2009|10:49pm]
Don't you wish everybody did?

For UT...
On-campus Housing Costs (2008–2009)
Begin at $7,881
Includes $1,600 for food, enough for about 12 meals per week

Estimated Undergraduate Flat-Rate Tuition and Fees (2008–2009)
Texas resident $8,090 – 9,354
Non-resident $26,672 – 30,770

Estimated Total Cost of Undergraduate Education (Fall 2008–Spring 2009)
Texas resident on-campus $21,470 – 25,284
Texas resident off-campus $21,724 – 25,538
Non-resident on-campus $32,240 – 45,006
Non-resident off-campus $32,494 – 45,260

When I graduated I had $15,000 in student loans. My father had another $10,000. I went to school for 3.5 years and the scholarships I earned paid for about one semester. It's amusing to think $25,000 for my college education was cheap.
I do not envy those of you with kids.
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[12 Jun 2009|06:53pm]
Today I lifted heavy boxes out of a storage place in Chelsea, unloaded them at a storage space in New Jersey where we picked up Other Boxes to take to a hotel in the West Village and a gallery in SoHo. And now, I just might die. Also my arms are bruised and cut so badly it looks like I have a disorder of some kind. Cancer or cutter - who knows!
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[06 Jun 2009|07:03pm]
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I'll always miss blizzards with you. [08 May 2009|02:42am]
Leigh did something I have done myself but I wish so much she hadn't - she made most of her early livejournal entires private, or deleted them entirely. It took me less than an hour to read what entries are available and I wish wish wish there were more. I'm positive there once were... Weren't the basement days documented? Even flatplex isn't really there.

I miss her.
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[30 Apr 2009|06:27am]
the clouds at 6am are really, really pretty. what a fantastic hour. i should see it more often.
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[15 Apr 2009|10:24pm]
It's nice to get just a liiiiiiiiiiitle bit excited about Texas. Probably the only thing that's keeping me from bawling my eyes out right now is the excitement of Taco Cabana, pitchers of cheap Lonestar, and massive/tasty margaritas. And then we will eat the queso, drink the Lonestar and margaritas, and think 'THIS FUCKING SUCKS.'

But for just a moment everything might be ok.
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[15 Apr 2009|04:46pm]
Heading to Houston 4am Thursday morning.

My traveling companion Erin (Leigh's last roommate in NYC) and I are considering a trip up to Austin, maybe Thursday after we get to town. If anyone can spare a couch for two please let me know.

Mostly planning on flying by the seat of our pants on this one, so not entirely certain we'll make it to Austin... just thinking about it.
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[14 Apr 2009|01:15am]
something epic is on the way. promise.
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[04 Apr 2009|04:23pm]
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Really shitty movies you saw in the theatre [11 Jan 2009|12:04am]
Nine Months
Addicted to Love
Event Horizon
Deep Impact
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[04 Jan 2009|02:23am]
There is a part of this job that I am not comfortable with yet, but I most certainly need to be. It's the closing. It will ALWAYS happen. As one a stage manager tonight mentioned (her response to the constant questions about the fate of her own show), "even Cats closed." SHIT CLOSES. But fuck, it still makes me miserable.
Grease is only my second Broadway gig (I don't count CB), and I've been on it as long as Grey Gardens. But I totally feel closer to the cast and crew at Grease, as many were closer to my own age and god DAMN did we have a fun time. Back stage, off stage, on stage... whatever. A really fun show to work on. I don't give a fuck that every theatre-type hated us, that we're the "thank god they're closing" of this stupid black-January on Broadway. I love the people I work with and genuinely enjoy going to work each day.

Tonight I called the show for the final time. I tried to say a thank you to the crew over headset and say how grateful I am for them and how good they make me look. I mustered "thank you" before getting all teary and had to punch out the microphone.

Dreading tomorrow.
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[08 Dec 2008|05:07pm]
I've been grumpy all day - still angry and worried about my impending unemployment status. until i got home and found the most beautiful scarf in all the land waiting for me in the mail. Thank you so much, Jen. It's gorgeous!
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